Version 2.0.0

Release Date: 2019-03-19


Installation Package (32 bit version)
SHA1: 69FFB64484A8F1ACDE1C62790BE7D051FCBE7EED
Supported Platforms: Windows 10, Windows 8.x, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


*** The first release from the open code of the project. ***

Installer updates:

  • Removed automatic registration of CVSandbox Virtual Camera's 32-bit version DLL. If user needs it, the vcam\regsvr.bat script must be run (as administrator). If fails, check that "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015" is installed (Google helps).

Version updates and fixes:

  • CVSandbox application supports number of command line options:
    • -o:<Object Name> - Starts specified camera/view when application has started.
      cvsandbox.exe -o:"My Camera"
      cvsandbox.exe -o:"Public Cameras/Some airport"

    • -fs - Starts application in full screen mode.
    • -fit - Starts with Fit To Screen option On.
    • -hpo - Hides project objects' tree.
    • -ns - Starts with No Screen Saver option On.

    • All below files by default are stored in <user home folder>/CVSandbox/CVS

    • -pf:<file name> - Name of project file to store cameras, views, sandboxes, etc. Default: project.xml
    • -appf:<file name> - Name of file to store different application settings. Default: app.ini
    • -uif:<file name> - Name of file to store UI settings. Default: ui.ini
  • Added two new plug-in types - Device and Communication Device. Those are aimed for communicating to different external devices like I/O boards, Arduinos, game pads, robotic components, etc. [More]
  • Added sandbox variables monitor, which allows inspecting values of variables stored in scripting host. [More]
  • Added support for scripting threads within sandboxes - scripts which run at configured time intervals (in milliseconds). Primarily aimed for communication with external devices. [More]


Updates and fixes for the modules included into the package:

  • DirectShow Video Sources 1.1.2
    • Added Exposure control for cameras/drivers, which provide it through DirectShow API.
  • Standard Image Processing 1.0.9
    • Added "Cut Image" plug-in, which allows cutting sub-image out of the source image.
  • Blobs' Processing 1.0.5
    • Updated "Filter Quadrilateral Blobs" plug-in, so its "Quadrilaterals" property has "jagged array of points" type.
  • Bar Codes Detection and Recognition 1.0.1
    • Updated "Bar Code Detector" plug-in, so its "Barcode Quadrilaterals" property has "jagged array of points" type.
  • Glyphs Recognition and Tracking 1.0.1
    • Updated "Glyph Detector" plug-in, so its "Glyph Quadrilaterals" property has "jagged array of points" type.
  • Lua Scripting Engine 1.0.7
    • API revision (SCRIPTING_API_REVISION variable) is raised to 8.
    • Scripting engine reports an error now if user passes image or plug-in objects to APIs, which don't specify expected type. Images can be passed to different plug-ins and their functions, to host as variable. But can not be passed to host in a table/array.
    • Added support for plug-ins' properties of jagged array type, which is represented as table of tables in Lua.
    • Added SetPixel() and GetPixel() methods for image objects.
    • Added support for Device and Communication Device plug-in types.
    • Added sleep(ms) function into Lua API, as it is not provided by any of the default Lua's packages.


New modules added into the package:

  • System Information Tools plug-ins 1.0.0
    • The module provides next plug-ins:
      • LED Keys - Allows to get status of LED keys (Num/Caps/Scroll lock).
      • Performance Info - Provides information about system performance.
      • Power Info - Provides information about power status of the system.
  • Gamepad Device plug-ins 1.0.0
    • Provides "Gamepad" plug-in, which allows accessing game pads and joysticks connected to the systems.
  • Communication Device plug-ins 1.0.0
    • Provides "Serial Port" plug-in, which allows communicating with devices connected to serial port.


Previous version: 1.2.7


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