cam2web 1.0.0 release

July 30, 2017


It is a pleasure to announce the release of a new application, which is provided as part of the CVSandbox project. cam2web is an application, which allows streaming a camera to web as MJPEG stream.

Originally being aimed to stream Raspberry Pi's camera, it was developed further to support some other platforms as well. As the result, there are versions to run on Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi.

The streamed camera can be viewed as from different applications supporting MJPEG streams, as from a web browser. All versions of the application provide default web UI, which can be customized to get custom look and feel. If a camera supports settings like brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. - those are available to configure using the web UI (or REST API).

The cam2web application supports HTTP digest authentication and allows to configure who can view the camera and who can change its settings.

To get more information about the new application, visit the local page describing it. Alternatively, the page on GitHub provides additional information. Did we mention GitHub? Yes, that is right - cam2web is an open source project. So comments, feedback, fixes are all welcome!


Download the 1.0.0 release


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