Computer Vision Sandbox becomes open

February 22, 2019


It is time to make an exciting announcement - the Computer Vision Sandbox goes into open source! The project initially started with closed source code and had number of releases over the last few years bringing many interesting features. We got lots of nice feedback and found the project being used in variety of applications.

We want to expand the project further and bring even more interesting features, get support for wider range of video sources, implement new image and video processing algorithms, etc. For this we decided to make the source code of the project publicly available, so that wider community could get into the code, provide more feedback, ideas, contributions and support. We hope it will help the project to evolve quicker, spread into many interesting areas, grow into new exciting applications.

The source code of the Computer Vision Sandbox project is now completely migrated to GitHub - all new development/testing is done there now. In the coming few weeks we expect to complete some of the remaining development work, testing, documentation and finally release the first version of the project made out of the open code – version 2.0!

Check it out – explore the code!


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