Computer Vision Sandbox 1.0.0 release

April 27, 2015


It is a pleasure to announce the very first release of the Computer Vision Sandbox project - the project, which aims to provide a software package to solve a wide range of tasks related to different areas of computer vision. At this point the project is in its very start phase - it does not do much from the goals it wants to achieve. However we really hope the first release will become a solid foundation of further future releases bringing more and more interesting goodies to use.

The first release of the project starts with the most essential part - it brings an application with a set of plug-ins able to access different video sources, like integrated or connected USB web cameras, frame grabbers and video surveillance IP cameras. It is not a complete list of video sources the project can support. Future releases will introduce more video source plug-ins making it possible to access wider range of video cameras/devices.

However, just video monitoring is far from the goal of the project. The next planned major release will introduce support for image and video processing plug-ins, which will enable different manipulations on the video frames coming from video sources, video saving, etc. A release after that aims to introduce scripting support to allow more complex video processing to be done. Further subsequent releases plan to add support of devices like different robotics boards/controllers, so readings from some sensors could affect video processing being done, which on the other hand can result in some actions to be performed. And even this is not the end goal; there are more ideas in mind and they keep coming.

Anyway, here is the first release, which makes the official start of the Computer Vision Sandbox project. So lets say it "Happy birthday" and wish it many many more of those.


Download the 1.0.0 release


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