Computer Vision Sandbox 1.2.0 release

November 27, 2015


It is a big pleasure to announce the new 1.2.0 release of the Computer Vision Sandbox. The two main features of the release are scripting engine support and the CVSandbox Virtual Camera. With these two new features, the application spawns into new areas, allowing to create many different things unreachable before.

Introduction of scripting support opens a vast area to explore and be creative. Using scripts users are no longer limited to static and unconditional video processing graphs, where things can not change during run time. Inside a script it is possible to control which plug-ins to use, which properties to set, change the order of flow, etc. Now it is up to user to code what they want to achieve.

To get more information about the scripting feature there are number of pages to read:


The second feature brings the CVSandbox Virtual Camera into a system, which is, as it says, a virtual camera available from any application using DirectShow interface to access cameras. Like Skype, for example. Also it comes with a plug-in for the Computer Vision Sandbox, which allows pushing images into the virtual camera. Using these two, it is possible to turn any camera (IP camera, for example, or something else which gets introduced in the future) into a DirectShow compatible camera. Another application of the virtual camera is to apply different image processing plug-ins to an ordinary camera and then feed it all into the virtual one. So when you make a Skype call, for example, the remote user will see result of your creative image processing (especially when equipped with scripting) instead of the real camera feed. Here is a tutorial to start from.


With the scripting introduced, the plan now is to develop it further to achieve even more. The current set of plug-ins allows to achieve certain type of effects, however it is not the goal. One of the directions is to introduce more image/video processing plug-ins, which are aimed for different computer vision, robotics, automation, etc. tasks. And of course devices - all those Arduinos, Raspbery PIs and whatever else are on the list. That will be real fun when we get there. And we will.


Have fun. Be creative.


Download the 1.2.0 release


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