Computer Vision Sandbox 1.2.1 release

February 19, 2016


Christmas holidays have gone and so the time for a new release came. The new release is not a major one, however brings some important fixes and new features in the plug-ins' scripting area.

The most significant fixes are related to much better Unicode support. Previous versions of the Computer Vision Sandbox would fail to load plug-ins if the application is put into a folder containing Unicode characters. Also writing videos or loading scripts from such folders was not possible. Naming project objects with Unicode characters was not allowed. And similar could be said about script editor - did not have Unicode support either. Now all the above issues were fixed and so the application becomes much more Unicode friendly. Which of course makes it more friendly to users around the globe.

Number of small features and APIs were introduced in the new version of Lua scripting plug-in. With the new APIs it is now possible to process sub-images, which makes it possible to apply image processing plug-ins to rectangular regions of interest (ROI). Also added two new plug-in types - Image Importers and Image Exporters, which may allow saving video snapshots to image files or combine loaded image files with incoming video. Support for managing image objects' lifetime allows now to be less aggressive with forcing Lua garbage collection cycles, which increases performance at no cost of memory usage (if used with care).

Scripting editor becomes friendlier as well and may provide help for plug-ins known in the system. When a context menu is shown above a string containing a plug-in name (for example, if right clicking on 'ResizeImage' string in the code like "Host.CreatePluginInstance( 'ResizeImage' )"), then it will provide an option to display plug-in's description. This becomes very handy when some properties of the plug-in need to be recalled, for example.

In the case you have a camera, which provides video frames faster than your video processing graph can handle and there is no option to reduce the frame rate, the application now provides an option to drop frames, which can not be handled - really helps some systems to survive and not to get frozen.

That is it for this release. More to come in the next major one.


Download the 1.2.1 release


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