Computer Vision Sandbox 1.2.2 release

July 3, 2016


It took a while since the previous release, but finally the new 1.2.2 version of Computer Vision Sandbox has arrived. Originally being planned as minor release, it grew into quite a meaty one considering the length of release notes and the number of new features.

One of the most interesting features is video repeating plug-ins, which bring video processing in Computer Vision Sandbox to a new level. They allow duplicating video source and processing each copy individually, branching video processing graph to assist debugging or even split video processing chain into multiple chunks, each running in its own thread, which may be used to improve performance of a slow video processing graph.

Introduction of sandbox variables allows scripts running for different video sources to exchange variables with each other. One of the applications of sandbox variables is to embed frames from one video source into frames of another, for example. And when future releases introduce support for device plug-ins, variables will become a vital part for interaction between devices, video sources and the processing being done on them.

The two source image processing filter plug-ins introduce a new class of image processing algorithms, which operate with two images. Those allow combining images, merging/intersecting them, finding difference between them, etc. As one of the tutorials demonstrate, the new plug-ins allow building things like motion detectors.

Introduction of plug-ins' functions allows building plug-ins which provide additional custom APIs, which are not constrained by the interface/type plug-in chose to implement. The first plug-in to utilize this feature is Image Drawing, which allows drawing different primitives on images to highlight objects of interest or provide status information.

Finally plug-ins to calculate image statistics and perform blobs processing add a lot more to what can be achieved with the application.

In addition to the major features which got tutorials describing them, there are number of new plug-ins added, which also bring new functionality. Like a video source capturing screen's content, playing JPEG files from a given folder, playing video files, etc. For the complete list of those, see the 1.2.2 release note.

This is it for now with the new release. And looking forward for the new features of the future one.


Download the 1.2.2 release


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