Computer Vision Sandbox 1.2.3 release

October 13, 2016


Time to make a small update and introduce a new 1.2.3 version of of Computer Vision Sandbox. This release brings few minor fixes for the 1.2.x branch, while the next major one is going through its development cycles.

The application now allows to take snapshots of running video sources. Those can be saved as image files, put into system clipboard or analysed a bit to check RGB histograms and pixels' values - this becomes handy for discovering filtering ranges for different available color filtering plug-ins. Also few minor, but useful, extensions to the built-in scripting editor make it much nicer in user.

One of the previous tutorials explained how to create time lapse videos using Lua scripting. It is still possible to do it that way in case some custom logic is required. But for most cases there is no need to go the programming way any more. The new Image Folder Writer plug-in will do it all for you - write JPEG/PNG images at the specified folder, at the specified time intervals.

Updates to Mask Image and Find Biggest Blob plug-ins make them more flexible in use. Now it is possible to tell which part of an image the mask filter should fill, which allows extracting both objects and background using the same mask without inverting it. Similar with Find Biggest Blob plug-in - it can find biggest hole now as well (a background part not touching image edges), which also saves on redundant inversion.

Finally few more color filtering plug-ins are added, which bring additional ways for searching objects of specific color ranges.

That is it for the new version. We'll keep more goodies for the next major one.


Download the 1.2.3 release


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