Computer Vision Sandbox 1.2.4 release

March 7, 2017


While the work on a new major release is still in progress, it is time to make a smaller one, which brings some new plug-ins and bug fixes.

A nasty bug was fixed in Blobs' Processing module, which could result in an endless loop and freeze video processing graph (if any of the blob counting plug-ins were in use by that graph). Trying to stop a sandbox, running such a graph, would freeze the entire application then. Also, fixed the function of taking snapshots, which could provide random intermediate result for cameras running with video processing graph set for them.

The new notable plug-ins include Convolution and Morphology Operator. These plug-ins allow specifying custom kernel and structuring element, which greatly increases their use and flexibility. The new Hit and Miss morphology plug-in allows searching for different patterns in binary images, again specified by custom structuring element. The other new plug-ins, like Gaussian Blur, Gaussian Sharpen and Canny Edge Detector, also increase the number of useful tools in the collection of the Computer Vision Sandbox application.

Another new feature worth mentioning is update to Video Processing Information dialog, which now allows updating properties of image processing filter plug-ins at run time. So, after initial configuration of a sandbox was done, its plug-ins' properties can be fine-tuned while it is running, which allows seeing effect of the performed changes. When all updates are done, it is possible to update configuration of the sandbox and persist the changes.

That is all about the new version so far. Will get back to work on something else to release next time.


Download the 1.2.4 release


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