Computer Vision Sandbox 1.2.5 release

August 3, 2017


Most of us love summer and especially summer holiday. But it does not mean the work stops. And so, it is time to announce the new 1.2.5 release of Computer Vision Sandbox, which brings some features and fixes.

As it was recently announced, the new cam2web project has emerged. Although Computer Vision Sandbox provides a plug-in to access MJPEG streams from the very first release, it does not allow to utilize all the features provided by the cam2web streamer. And so, a new module is introduced, which is aimed to provide support for Raspberry Pi. For now, it only provides the Raspberry Pi Camera plug-in, which allows accessing Pi's camera when it runs cam2web. However, the aim is to provide more plug-ins, which would allow controlling Pi's pins as well.

Another new nice feature introduces support for run time properties of video sources. Different video source plug-ins provide properties for controlling camera's options like brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc. In many cases those properties cannot be set at the initial configuration phase or are not intuitive to do so. However, they make perfect sense when the video source is up and running. And so, Computer Vision Sandbox now provides user interface to configure those properties while video source is running, as well API to do the same programmatically from scripts. At this point, the run time properties are provided by the Local Capture Device plug-in (DirectShow devices like USB/integrated cameras, etc.) and by the above mentioned Raspberry Pi Camera plug-in.

Another feature worth mentioning is an updated to CVSandbox Virtual Camera. If before it had support for a single resolution and frame rate only, now it allows to choose from the number of supported resolutions as well as to set desired frame rate. In addition, there are now two versions of the virtual camera provided - 32 bit and 64 bit versions, so applications of the both worlds may benefit.

There are some other minor features and fixes provided, which can be found from the accompanied release notes. For now, that is all. Enjoy the summer.


Download the 1.2.5 release


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