Computer Vision Sandbox 1.2.6 release

October 11, 2017


As it often happens with software products, they do get some crawling bugs. It can be said so about Computer Vision Sandbox as well. We got some of these nasty creatures and so we do need to fix them.

The 1.2.6 release of Computer Vision Sandbox comes mostly as a necessity to fix few of the unpleasant bugs. It does bring something new, but not a lot though - some performance improvements, couple of useful plug-ins and an option to prevent screen saver (who really needs screen saver when monitoring cameras in video surveillance set-up, for example).

There is more interesting development happening in the background, which will get into future releases. Once it is ready, it will be announced. But for now - just a more stable 1.2.6 version.


Download the 1.2.6 release


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